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A collection of thoughts that don't actually matter concerning things that never actually happened
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"Why won’t somebody help me?" (at Stonebrook Condos)


I find myself in constant pain, and the memories of everything that I have lost nag at me, endlessly… So you can see how, despite my constant efforts to be a man of sunny temper, I find that I despise the world, and everything in it, and myself most of all. A regrettable state of affairs, for which there is no remedy.
Inquisitor Glokta, from The Last Argument of Kings, by Joe Abercrombie


All is right with the world again.

Perhaps the vengeance could wait, at least until he had a bigger blade to work with. You have to be realistic, after all.
Logan Nine-Fingers, from The Blade Itself, by Joe Abercrombie
If Glotka had been given the opportunity to torture any one man, any one at all, he would surely have chosen the inventor of steps. When he was young and widely admired, before his misfortunes, he had never really noticed them. He had sprung down them two at a time and gone blithely on his way. No more. They’re everywhere. You really can’t change floors without them. And down is worse than up, that’s the thing people never realize. Going up, you usually don’t fall that far.
Inquisitor Glotka, from The Blade Itself, by Joe Abercrombie


Students for Justice in Palestine at College of Staten Island, demonstrate in front of the Library as a part of Palestine’s ‘Right to education week” or R2ew, after screening “To shoot an Elephant” to commemorate the coming anniversary of the 2008 israeli military assault on the Gaza strip. 

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Rawrr. I’m a dinosaur.

the notorious b.i.g. vs. the xx (full album out available at