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when I’m shooting aliens in the fucking face, no other track will do #xcom #theprodigy

I had to write A Clockwork Orange in a state of near drunkenness, in order to deal with material that upset me so much.

Anthony Burgess

The brutal rape scene in the novel was derived from an assault on his wife during World War II, which resulted in the death of their expected child.

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  • Cpt. Lull: "Do you find the need to answer all this, Historian? All those tomes you've read, those other thoughts from other men, other women. Other times. How does a mortal make answer to what his or her kind are capable of? Does each of us, soldier or no, reach a point when all that we've seen, survived, changes us inside? Irrevocably changes us. What do we become, then? Less human, or more human? Human enough, or too human?"
  • Duiker: "Each of us has his own threshold, friend. Soldier or no, we can only take so much before we cross over... into something else. As if the world has shifted around us, though it's only our way of looking at it. A change of perspective, but there's no intelligence to it—you see but do not feel, or you weep yet look upon your own anguish as if from somewhere else, somewhere outside. It's not a place for answers, Lull, for every question has burned away. More human or less human—that's for you to decide."
  • Captain Lull: "Surely it has been written of, by scholars, priests... philosophers?"
  • Duiker: "Efforts have been made. But those who themselves have crossed that threshold... well, they have few words to describe the place they've found, and little inclination to attempt to explain it. As I said, it's a place without intelligence, a place where thoughts wander, formless, unlinked. Lost."

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